Uses of Ultra Low Head(ULH) Micro Hydro Generating System STREAM

2WAY electricity source and electric power hybrid

  • 2WAY:grid connection during nornalactivity, and independent electric souresupply possible in times of emergency
  • Independent power supply for facilities that are remote from the grid (power cables), such as agricultural land and parks, etc.
  • Conserves electric power by private power generation of power purchased for facilities such as sewers, waterworks, and industrial waste, etc.
  • Hybrid generation with atomic energy, fossil fuel power and LNG

Electric power for use in disasters and emergencies

  • Power generator enables local production for local consumption, so power can be generated in areas 24-hour electricity to disaster-affected areas
  • In times of emergency can be used as an independent electric power source to protect the surroundings, supplying 24-hour electricity to disaster-affected areas

Electric vehicles/agricultural machines (EV charging stands)

  • Charging is always possible with EV infrastructure in urban areas
  • Absolutely no environmental impact, thanks to use of purely natural energy
  • Spread of charging stands is linked to the spread of EV (electric vehicles) and agricultural EV (farming machines)

Agriculture (multipurpose new agricultural revenue source)

  • Source of electricity for water cultivation and agricultural produce processing plants by means of private power generation of agricultural water channels, etc.
  • “Electricity” as new source of revenue in addition to agricultural produce

Support for wireless overseas

  • Supply of electricity to wireless regions and areas where electric power is unstable
  • Creation of local industry by means of local energy and local consumption

Distributed small-scale regional electric power operations

  • Size advantage 5kW~50kW
    (Large types requringsystems and amalltypes receiving little use->ideal size where both are possible)
  • In normal times, selling electricity for business user and utilization in regional facilities
    (Fixed price/fixed period purchases by means of Feed-in Tariff(FIT) from FY 2012)
  • Regional activation, and management and administration of regional constituents
    (Unity and creation of regional agriculture, financing and business firms)

The marketability of ULH STREAM

Range of installation increases the potential of micro hydro power by “STREAM”

Water Plants
Waterworks and Sewerage consume more than 1% of total city power consumption, but their potential hydro energy has not been much utilized for power generation.
Power Plants
Potential existence of renewable hydro energuat Cooling water discharge (Thermal/Nuclear) and Water source maintenance discharge (Hydro),.etc.
Factory effluent / Water waste treatment
Not only purification but also possible to collect hydro energy.
Waterway / River / Tidal current &level
Current energy is the largest potential energy on Earth, does not run out.

ULH STREAM business and its profit

1. ”Local Electricity Business”-Agricultural new energy business by FIT

  • New business of untapped energy based on Feed-in-Tariff
  • Union business among agriculture, industry, and finance

2. “Emergency Power”-Stable power at the time of emergency is lifeline for people

  • Local production for local consumption is not only for the profit but also security for people living there.

3.”Power-saving/Co2 reduction”-Environmental protection in industry/RPS capable

  • Focus on water and wastewater equipment and thermal/ nuclear/ LNG plant based on RPS.

4. ”Application”-EV charging facility, Drinkable water -Water Purification

  • EV station system in rural area and storage system for street light or base for the transmission of information.
  • ODA projects in BOP market for drinkable water clarification or stand-alone system in canal for decontamination of polluted water.

5.”Electrification of non grid area”-Development of developing countries

  • Power shortage in rural areas in developing countries which can’t be solved with conventional large scale of power plant.
  • Optimal electricity infrastructure for the evolving BOP market.(Micro Finance)