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Field Survey Sheet

If you are considering the purchase of a ULH STREAM generator, please download, complete, and return the Field Survey Sheet including the information of the condition of water channel and the use of generated electricity to JAG Seabell Co.,Ltd.

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Condition of water channel

  • River Classification -natural waterway, agricultural, etc
  • River Shape
  • Difference in water surface between wet and dry season
  • Photos

Use of the generated electricity

  • Purpose -e.g. for rural electrification
  • Use of the generated electricity-e.g. for independent power supply
  • Alternate/Direct current, required voltage

In addition, we need the topographical maps, the drawing of the plan, the vertical view and the longitudinal sectional view of the water channel. The drawing and information of 100m of up / down stream of point are necessary as well.

How to take photos

Photos taken with below view are necessary. Not only Close/ Complete View Point of view below, but also Close/ Complete View from Upstream/ Downstream, Photos show Upstream water condition especially that show water level condtionare important.