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Categorization of small hydro power generation

(1)”Energy density” —–huge energy density of hydropower
Hydropower has much more huge energy than other renewable energy. Energy generated from head drop of hydropower has thousand times weight than wind power. ULH STREAM utilizes stress on waterwheel runners effectively, and enables to stress more than 4m/second stream on waterwheel runners with low head even around 2m.
(2)”Stable energy” —–hydraulic power generation is manageable
Hydraulic power generation is to be distinguished with wind/solar power generation. Amount of energy, generation, and time could be managed with agricultural, drainage, driving channels. It is safe and stable generation that is not influenced by disasters, noise, outbreak of low frequency, and doesn’t destroy the scenery.
(3)”Huge energy” —–potential of hydropower in the waterway
Huge hydro energy potential existing everywhere in the world; e.g. in agricultural irrigation canals, sewerages, waterworks, factory effluent, and thermal power station.

In addition, geographical slant and pitch difference are particularly big in intermediate mountainous area and very large agriculture slant area of developing countries, whereas the potentiality of hydro power also could be found.

Stream is smaller than mega solar or large wind power generation, but supplies stable distributed electricity around dozens of houses and supply power on small grid, agriculture apparatus, EV, small scale facility with 2WAY power supply: on-the-grid or off-the-grid. (as for ULH STREAM, possible to generate 0.4kw –40kw per system, 200kw –300kw by plural setting)

So what ULH STREAM makes difference?

Patented Tech
ULH STREAM is patented technology that should be distinct with other ordinary hydro power generation. The way of calcuratinghydro power potential is the same, but basic system technique itself for the condition is totally different as follows (field).
New Waterwheel Form and Adjustment Function
Conventional waterwheels are classified in “impulse type” “reaction type” “gravity type”, but “ULH STREAM” has new waterwheel form that utilizes hydropower with low head efficiently. Vertical dual axes structure of ULH STREAM comprises good point of “reaction type” and “impulse type”, in addtion, the adjustment function enables to optimisewater condition to take out the maximum energy the waterway has potentially.

≪To generate electricity from agricultural irrigation canals≫

Important tip to generate electricity

ULH STREAM Technology

ULH STREAM is a combination of four technologies

  • (1)「hydraulic」–(the shape of turbines/ fluid technology)
  • (2)「utilization of water」–(adaptive technology of features, functions, and facilities of canal)
  • (3)「operation」–(technology for change of streamflow and site condition and trash)
  • (4)「manufacturing」–(cost reduction and easy maintenance by standardization)


ULH STREAM System generates electricity in the range of Ultra Low Head

Generation with Low Head 3m or less Range of Use of 0.4KW~44KW

Basically, the hydro turbines mentioned in the application tables above as using minimum water heads of at least 2m and being all-purpose for actual power generation are, with some exceptions, ordinarily used with water heads of at least 10m. The practical water head of each turbine is given as being 10m-200m, which is the ordinary range of application for existing hydro turbines, and facilities of at least 100kw including cost-effectiveness are usually adopted.