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ULH STREAM: How it works

1. ULH STREAM is a combination of four technologies

ULH STREAM can provide high efficiency and adaptability based on four technologies.

Why ULH STREAM can generate power at ultra low head open channels?-general misunderstanding Conventional hydro power generation system that utilize high head drop is totally different from hydro power generation system for open water channels such as agricultural canal are totally different in technologies, functins, and system. Those are categorized in same system and theory, but actually its features and functions are not the same.

Four technologies of ULH STREAM for generating electricity in open channels

1-1 “hydraulics” (1)the shape of turbines/ fluid technology


1-3 “hydraulics”(3)

1-4 “hydraulics”(4)

Dual axes have advantages in turbine diameter and size od housing compared to single axis even if the water volume for operation(=orifice area *orifice velocity) is same. Also, it can change orifice area by controlling guide vane.

2-1 “utilization of water”

Stream power generation at very low head Cross-section of canal water condition after ULH STREAM installation

2-2 “utilization of water”(2)

ULH STREAM power generation with no head drop(=water flow)

3-1 “operation”(1)

Feature of dual axes turbine for trash

Propeller type…trash will entangle in each blade

3-2 “operation”(2) Feature of dual axes turbine for trash

3-3 “operation”(3) Box sides fixed bearings for foreign matters and mudguard for bearing

3-4 “operation”(4) Wide range of operation by dual axes turbines and guide vane.

4-1 “manufacturing” Cost reduction by minimum number of generic parts

4-2 “manufacturing” Cost reduction by standardizaiton

4-3 “manufacturing”Requiresonly a few days for installation

4-4 “manufacturing” Easy maintenance, local repair and parts replacement

5 Wildlife Animal Protection